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Genealogy or Family History?

Kerry Farmer

A family history can be so much more interesting than lists of names and dates. Finding their stories helps us understand and empathise with our ancestors' struggles and achievements.

Use the drop-down menus or the search field above to find the various free genealogy resources on this site, including information resources and the lists of useful links prepared for courses I teach. Check out the main family names that I am researching. See what I've been writing in my blog.

If you need a professional genealogist, I can help you find not only the marriages and children of your ancestors, but also the various background information that provide insights into their lives. Contact directly for more information about our family history research service.

DNA for Genealogists
BOOK: DNA for Genealogists

Learn how genealogists can use DNA testing to enrich their family history research. This book explains DNA in simple terms and discusses the various tests available. Click here for further details.

Which Genealogy Program?

BOOK: Which Genealogy Program?

This book compares the features of 9 Windows & 4 Mac programs, as well as discussing some online family tree sites. Click here for further details.

Kiva - Genealogists for families


Through Kiva we make $25 loans that enable borrowers without access to traditional banks to help raise themselves out of poverty. Click here for further details.