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Following are genealogy and family history links structured to help you research even geographically distant ancestors. The pages were designed both for students in my courses as well as family historians wanting links for their own research. Choose your area of interest:

National Institute for Genealogical Studies'Australian & NZ Genealogy' courses
I was appointed Director, Australian Studies, at the National Institute of Genealogical Studies (NIGS). Part of my task is to organise a new Certificate in Genealogical Studies - Australian Records. Courses for this certificate began in February 2011. Click here for further information.

Arrivals in Australia from 1788 My NEW BOOK: Arrivals in Australia from 1788 (also available as an eBook)
Immigration records in Australia are not all held in one place - when where and how they arrived affects where (and whether) records of their arrival can be found. Understanding categories of arrivals and the immigration schemes in place as well as the general principles of where documents are held, will give you confidence that you have looked in all the right places. Click here for further details of the eBook or here for a printed copy.
DNA for Genealogists UPDATED BOOK: DNA for Genealogists (3rd edition) (now also available as an eBook)
Learn how genealogists can use DNA testing to enrich their family history research. This book explains DNA in simple terms and discusses the various tests available. Click here for further details of the eBook or here for a printed copy.